Immunization FAQs

Do I need an appointment to receive a consultation or vaccination?

Many immunizations, including whooping cough, flu, shingles and pneumonia, can be requested at any time from your pharmacist, and do not require an appointment. Appointments are required for all pre-travel consultations and vaccinations.

Can I get vaccine advice over the phone?

We are unable to give medical advice over the phone or by email. Please visit with a pharmacist for more information about your vaccinations.

If I know which vaccines I need, do I need to make a Pre-Travel Consultation appointment?

Consultations are highly recommended so that you get a fuller picture of your destination and the required vaccines. Consultations are also required for administration of Rabies vaccines.

Do you provide vaccinations for children?

We provide vaccinations for children 12 and over.

Do you accept medical insurance?

Most major insurance plans can be billed directly, including Medicare part B and D. Ask a pharmacist for more information about billing your insurance plan.