Compounding for Pain Management

Compounded prescriptions for pain management

Proper pain management is vital to our livelihood and enjoyment of life. But chronic pain can be much harder to manage than acute pain, because of the variety of causal factors—be it an underlying disease state or simply aging. That’s when a holistic approach to pain management, utilizing customized treatment protocols, can be especially helpful for meeting a patient’s specific needs.

These customized protocols may involve use of a variety of medications with pain-relieving properties, such as anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, anti-arrhythmics, anesthetics, anti-virals and more. By using just the right combination of these medications to alter the feelings of pain, doctors have seen good results with smaller concentrations.

In addition, these medications can be created in topical formulations that provide concentrated dosages at the site of the pain, such as in the joints or at specific nerve sites. Topical application often reduces the chances for negative side effects, and can even be more effective since the medication does not have to undergo metabolism through GI tract.

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