Learn More About Compounding

What is compounding?

Compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications to meet specific patient needs. With a prescription from your doctor, our specially trained compounding pharmacists can change dosage strength, adjust dosage form to a more comfortable application or combine medication to achieve better results.

What is a compounded medication?

Compounding is an important component of a person’s health by creating a personalized medicine tailored to that person’s needs. That may include a child who can’t easily take oral pills, someone with a gluten allergy or a person that needs a drug that’s in short supply. Mass-produced medications have their limitations, and it’s the job of Pharmaca’s compounding pharmacy to make sure we find a solution to those limitations.

Consider visiting our compounding pharmacy if you:

  • Need gluten-free medications or pills, or have allergies to common mass-produced medicine fillers (casein, gluten, dyes, etc.)
  • Aren’t taking medication as prescribed due to unpleasant side effects or lack of improvement
  • Need custom medicine strengths and dosage forms (like creams or suppositories)

What types of prescriptions can be compounded?

New technology and innovative techniques have expanded the compounding possibilities. Some of the most commonly prescribed compounds include:

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy, including plant-based hormones in a variety of dosage forms
  • Medications like muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, which can be prepared topically to target pain at the site, without common side effects
  • Compounded prescriptions to address aesthetic and therapeutic concerns
  • Adrenal dysfunction and thyroid support
  • Veterinary Care

All non-sterile dosage forms are available, including creams, ointments, solutions, syrups, capsules, suppositories and troches.

Who are compound prescriptions beneficial for?

Compounded medications are ideal for a variety of people. Those with sensitivities to specific ingredients in their medications can benefit greatly from compound prescriptions. Gluten-free drugs can be created through compounding, as well as prescriptions free of dyes.

If you’re looking for a compounded prescription, visit our Pharmaca Compounding Pharmacies and drop off your compound prescription, or have your doctor phone it in.

You can also decide whether to pick it up at the pharmacy or have it shipped directly to you. Please check with your insurance plan to determine if your insurance covers these types of medications.