For Compounding Prescribers

Just for prescribers

We’re happy to work with you to help identify the best type of compounded prescription for your patient.

Compounding is an ideal solution for a variety of needs:

  • A patient has an allergy or needs a medication to be made without certain dyes or preservatives
  • A drug has gone off the market or is on back order
  • A medication is not commercially available
  • A patient needs a dosage form customized for his/her individual needs—which can be especially helpful for children, pets and aging adults  

We fill almost all non-sterile compounds, including:

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy, including plant-based hormones in a variety of dosage forms
  • Medications like muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, which can be prepared topically to target pain at the site, without common side effects
  • Compounded prescriptions to address aesthetic and therapeutic concerns
  • Adrenal dysfunction and thyroid support
  • Veterinary care

Also, non-sterile forms of certain dosages are available, including creams, ointments, solutions, syrups, capsules, suppositories and troches.

How do I send in a compounded prescription?

You can always send a prescription via your office’s own e-scribe system. Or if you prefer, you can contact us by phone or fax.

Veterinarians (from any state) and naturopathic doctors practicing in California, Oregon or Washington should use the following contact information: 

How to write a compound prescription

Please include the following information. We are happy to consult with you regarding your patient’s prescription if you have questions, so feel free to give us a call if you have questions.

  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Best daytime phone number for patient
  • Active drug name
  • Dose/Strength/Concentration
  • (i.e. Oral Tablet, Cream, Suppository, etc.)
  • Directions for use
  • Quantity to dispense
  • Number of refills authorized
  • Contact information for prescriber

How are compounded prescriptions delivered?

Delivery methods vary depending on whatever’s best for your patient. Prescriptions can be delivered to the patient’s local Pharmaca for free, or shipped directly to their home for a fee.

Questions? Please contact us for more information on compounding prescription services for prescribers.