Dispenser Options

We offer a variety of dispensing options

In addition to customizing the dosage and delivery type for your compounded prescription, our team can also help you choose the right dispensing option for your medication. Here are a few of our most popular options.

Sublingual Troches

These are easily dissolved under the tongue, and can be mixed with just about any flavor (e.g. peppermint, raspberry or vanilla butternut).

The larger size troches are ideal when you need higher doses of your medication, and they can even be cut into your desired size/dosage (making them more cost effective). Smaller troches are more easily dissolved, but may require multiple doses.


Tube with Optional Applicator

Ideal for the application of creams or gels, either topically or vaginally. Many choose a vaginal option for hormone replacement therapy because it allows for localized application.      


Pump Tops

We offer two versions of an easy-to-use pump for cream or gels. Their ergonomic design is especially helpful for those with arthritis who are using pain medication topically. And our unique manufacturing process ensures that there are no air bubbles that can cause loss of medication when undergoing pressure changes (i.e. on airplanes).



This unique cream-dispensing method offers consistent dosing and limits cross contamination. Just turn the appropriate number of clicks, and apply to desired area of the body. It’s especially helpful for those who are sight impaired—and may not be able to accurately dispense the correct dose.