About Us

About Pharmaca’s Mission

Inspired by the pharmacies of Europe, in 2000 Pharmaca’s founders set out to create a new kind of pharmacy, one that offered customers the tools to manage their own health.

At Pharmaca, customers aren’t just a number. Our expert wellness team of pharmacists, naturopaths, herbalists and estheticians work together to provide each customer with a holistic way to manage their health care. Whether they’re interested in long-term preventive care or just need a once-yearly prescription filled, customers have come to rely on Pharmaca’s expertise in integrative medicine.

The practitioner model
An integral—and completely innovative—part of Pharmaca’s model is the fact that each store is staffed with a team of health professionals. In addition to traditional pharmacists, customers may be helped by a naturopathic doctor, a licensed esthetician, an herbalist, an Ayurvedic practitioner or another expert. Each store’s unique wellness team ensures that customers have access to a diverse set of health information that allows them to make informed decisions.

A trusted editor
Our customers trust that when they walk into a Pharmaca, they’ll find only the highest quality, most effective wellness products available. All supplements must conform to our Quality Assurance guidelines, which ensure a high standard of quality, potency and purity. And on our beauty shelves, customers find skin care and cosmetics from companies that are committed to using the best organic ingredients.

Stores and sustainability
Pharmaca holds fast to the belief that our interaction with the environment can significantly impact our health. Since the construction of our first store, Pharmaca has worked hard to create spaces that don’t just look good, but feel good. Bamboo carpeting, warm, energy-efficient lighting and sustainably harvested wood are just a few of the elements that go into making Pharmaca an ideal shopping experience.

Customer testimonials

“The entire pharmacy is great: Susana, Farnoosh, Celine, Stephanie, Eileen. They make the Pharmaca Pharmacy on Solano the best Pharmacy I’ve ever used.”
-Customer, Berkeley

“Always a kind word, always a smile. They are personable, yet always professional. It is always a pleasure to walk in and have such friendly faces and people (I use the 3 P’s as the BEST service (eg: Personable, professional and it’s a pleasure doing business with you). They cover that in spades always!”
-Customer, Napa

“Pharmaca has been serving our Mill Valley community for a long, long time. I am glad to patronize this wonderful source of health, beauty and goodwill.”
-Customer, Mill Valley

“Your pharmacist Gregg went above and beyond to help me with a problem with my prescription. He was pro-active in working with me on possible solutions, calm and thoughtful at all times. He and Smita make an outstanding team.”
-Customer, San Francisco

“Just the usual great service, pleasant environment, lots of tempting, quality, useful products.  Thank you!”
-Customer, Pacific Palisades

“Laura and the entire Pharmaca Monterey team are always professional, helpful, friendly, and kind!”
-Customer, Monterey

“Lauren has helped me on several occasions and as usual she was AMAZING….Lauren always gives me options and ideas on products I have never used. I have changed my routine and several everyday products such as body lotions, eye cream, face wash, body oil …all based on Lauren suggestions. And I am super happy with all my changes. Thank you for having such great employees that are always so helpful!”
-Customer, Carlsbad

“The Pharmaca team in Redmond are always pleasant and most helpful. I enjoy shopping at this store because the employees always make me feel welcome.”
-Customer, Redmond